Review: The Biocentric Worldview – Ludwig Klages

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Review: The Biocentric Worldview – Ludwig Klages

The Biocentric Worldview, Ludwig Klages, Review Gwendolyn Tauntonby Gwendolyn Taunton

“Make no mistake: “progress” is the lust for power and nothing besides, and we must unmask it as a sick, destructive joke. Utilizing such pretexts as “necessity,” “economic development,” and “culture,” the final goal of “progress” is nothing less than the destruction of life. This destructive urge takes many forms: progress is devastating forests, exterminating animal species, extinguishing native cultures, massing and distorting the primitive landscape with the varnish of industrialism, and debasing the organic life that still survives. It is the same for livestock as for the mere commodity, and the boundless lust for plunder will not rest until the last bird falls.”

– Ludwig Klages

This collection of essays presents an interesting excursion into the work of Ludwig Klages, a philosopher and psychologist whose work has been as long over looked as it is overdue for recognition in…

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