Mimir Journal of North European Traditions (Review)

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Mimir Journal of North European Traditions (Review)

By James WF Roberts

“Ere long I bare fruit, and throve full well, I grew and waxed in wisdom; word following word, I found me words, deed following deed, I wrought deeds”

– Hávamál, The Words of Odin the High One

It seems so odd to me, that while we are living in a technological age, where the greatest minds, greatest ideas, the very best of human endeavours are only at our finger tips, my generation (born after 1980 and before 2000); maybe one of the last, if not the last generation to seek out traditional wisdom. We are witnessing the death, by our own hands, of so much of the past, just to live in a safe, cold, plastic, compartmentalised, compatible, computerized world.  We see it all the time, universities ending Liberal Arts, History, Science courses, in favour of money-spinning, flavour of…

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