Gwendolyn Taunton

Hi, Gwendolyn! So happy that you stopped by today. You’ve published a number of books, most recently Primordial Traditions. What can you tell us about yourself, as an author, and the books that you write?

GWENDOLYN: I’ve been writing professionally now for eight years. The majority of my writing has been non-fiction, but I sometimes diversify into poetry and fiction pieces. A great proportion of my work is on Eastern Spiritual Traditions or philosophy. At the moment I’m trying to put out 1-2 titles a year. This goal was shattered somewhat by a series of earthquakes in 2010-2011. After 2012 however, I’ve managed to get back on track with this target.


What is Primordial Traditions about and who might enjoy picking up a copy of this book?

GWENDOLYN:Primordial Traditions is my first project which began as a home- made free webzine. It quickly grew a following online and in 2009 a collection of the best articles was published in a book. This was the first book I made, and it had quite a few things in it which needed to be corrected. So I decided to bring out a new edition with a completely different layout and revised content. Articles from the first book have been replaced with new chapters also. So in essence, this isn’t just a second edition – it’s an improved and enhanced version of the earlier book.

(Rest of interview on link below)

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