Northern Traditions

Northern Traditions is the first volume of an ongoing publication which was later renamed Mimir: Journal of Northern Traditions. Edited by Gwendolyn Taunton it contains a collection of material from both Traditional and contemporary sources, encompassing a viewpoint that is intended to be both scholastic and for the spiritual practitioner. Northern Traditions contains articles on the indigenous pagan Traditions of Northern Europe.

Authors include Matt Hajduk, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Amy Johanna Ahlberg, S.R. Hardy, Christopher A. Smith, Stephen Borthwick and Gwendolyn Taunton. Content level is semi-academic and ranges from in-depth mythological studies and translations of texts through to ritual reconstruction. The book is divided into two halves, with one section containing Traditional and historic content. The second half of the book is dedicated to contemporary practice and issues relating to the spiritual practice of Northern Traditions in the modern era. Topics dealt with include a detailed exegesis of Völuspá, examinations of key figures in the Northern mythos such as Odin, Forseti, Tyr and Loki, herbal and botanical uses of plants, ritual reconstruction and ideas for contemporary practice. By combining academic level material with practical work the aim of the book is to take contemporary pagan practices to a new level where they can be accepted as a serious spiritual movement.

The second volume, Mimir: Journal of Northern Traditions is now available.

Published by Numen Books.


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