THE SPHINX (or Phix) was a female monster with the body of a lion, the breast and head of a woman, eagle's wings and, according to some, a serpent-headed tail. She was sent by the gods to plague the town of Thebes as punishment for some ancient crime. There she preyed on the youths of …

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Orphic Hymn to Persephone

Daughter of Jove [Zeus], almighty and divine, come, blessed queen, and to these rites incline: Only-begotten, Pluto's [Plouton's] honor'd wife, O venerable Goddess, source of life: 'Tis thine in earth's profundities to dwell, fast by the wide and dismal gates of hell: Jove's [Zeus'] holy offspring, of a beauteous mien, fatal [Praxidike], with lovely locks, …

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Orpheus and Eurydice

The Genealogy of Style

Orpheus and Eurydice, Auguste Rodin, modeled probably before 1887, carved 1893


This mythological subject was very popular in Auguste Rodin‘s times. The sculptor, inspired by the opera Orfeo ed Euridice from Christoph Willibald Gluck from 1762 that was performed in Paris by the end of the 19th Century again, turned to this motif in the 1880’s. Re-using the body of Paolo Malatesta (best known for the story of his affair with Francesca da Polenta, portrayed by Dante Alighieri in a famous episode of his Inferno ) as featured in Fugit Amor (Fugitive Love), he had by 1887 created Orpheus’s torso and head.

According to Georges Grappe, the first group was composed in 1892, although some contemporaries dated it 1894 – probably mixing it up with Orpheus and Eurydice Leaving Hell, executed in marble in 1893 for the American collector Charles T. Yerkes

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New Edition of Primordial Traditions Released

Primordial Traditions was the winner of the 2009 Ashton Wylie Award for Literary Excellence. This new second edition of the original award winning collection features a selection of essays by Gwendolyn Taunton and other talented authors from the original periodical Primordial Traditions (2006-2010). http://www.amazon.com/Primordial-Traditions-Volume-Gwendolyn-Taunton/dp/0987559842/ref=pd_rhf_ee_p_tnr_1    

Revised Edition of Primordial Traditions Released

Primordial Traditions was the winner of the 2009 Ashton Wylie Award for Literary Excellence. This new second edition of the original award winning collection features a selection of essays by Gwendolyn Taunton and other talented authors from the original periodical Primordial Traditions (2006-2010). http://www.amazon.com/Primordial-Traditions-Volume-Gwendolyn-Taunton/dp/0987559842/ref=pd_rhf_ee_p_tnr_1

Goatcraft – The Rape of Europa II (feat. Primordial Traditions Vol I)

Gwendolyn Taunton

Promotional video for my new book Primordial Traditions.

Primordial Traditions Volume I (second edition) was the 2009 recipient of the prestigious Ashton Wylie Award for Literary Excellence.The revised version of Primordial Traditions features additional content, revised text and new binding.

Content includes:

Sophia Perennis: The Doctrine of Ascension, The Primordial Tradition, The Age of Darkness: Prophecies of the Kali Yuga, Mercury Rising: The Life & Writing of Julius Evola, Ars Regia: The Royal Art Revisited, Tempora Mutantur: The Deterioration of Men & The Aristocratic Principle, The Sacred State: The Traditional Doctrine of State, Tradition & Money, Son of the Sun, The Sufi Path of the Wayfarer and Lover:A Perspective on Islamic Philosophy and Praxis, Invincible Sun: The Cult of Mithras, The Yezidis Angel or Devil Worshippers of the Near East?, Tantra: Fifth Veda or Anti-Veda?, Aesthetics of the Divine in Hinduism, Divine Mortality: Nataraja, Shankara & Higher Consciousness in the…

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Cupid and Psyche (Greek Mythology)

Stories from all around the world!

A certain king and queen had three daughters. The charms of the two elder were more than common, but the beauty of the youngest was so wonderful that the poverty of language is unable to express its due praise. The fame of her beauty was so great that strangers from neighboring countries came in crowds to enjoy the sight, and looked on her with amazement, paying her that homage which is due only to Venus herself. In fact Venus found her altars deserted, while men turned their devotion to this young virgin. As she passed along, the people sang her praises, and strewed her way with chaplets and flowers.

This homage to the exaltation of a mortal gave great offense to the real Venus. Shaking her ambrosial locks with indignation, she exclaimed, “Am I then to be eclipsed in my honors by a mortal girl? In vain then did that…

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