The secret of Vedic Yajna-1


What is Yajna?


Most of the English translators translated the word Yajna as fire sacrifice.But sacrifice is a negative term with respect to Vedic preview of Yajna as simplest to simplest translation to word sacrifice is itself means “Endure the loss of” or kill or destroy. Like.Like Horse sacrifice,animal sacrifice.Remember Abraham was about to sacrifice his son to his great God.Well this is not the case here.We will discuss the meaning of Yajna in depth and detail in the next coming post.

So as this point we are not aware of the correct meaning of word Yajna but lets start our understanding with statement from Yajur Vedas ” Yajna is Vishnu” .So who is this Vishnu Rig Veda says “The one who uphold the law of this universe is VIshnu

Who do the Yajna?Who is the performer of the Yajna?

As a layman i see a priest…

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