Goatcraft – The Rape of Europa II (feat. Primordial Traditions Vol I)

Promotional video for my new book Primordial Traditions.

Primordial Traditions Volume I (second edition) was the 2009 recipient of the prestigious Ashton Wylie Award for Literary Excellence.The revised version of Primordial Traditions features additional content, revised text and new binding.

Content includes:

Sophia Perennis: The Doctrine of Ascension, The Primordial Tradition, The Age of Darkness: Prophecies of the Kali Yuga, Mercury Rising: The Life & Writing of Julius Evola, Ars Regia: The Royal Art Revisited, Tempora Mutantur: The Deterioration of Men & The Aristocratic Principle, The Sacred State: The Traditional Doctrine of State, Tradition & Money, Son of the Sun, The Sufi Path of the Wayfarer and Lover:A Perspective on Islamic Philosophy and Praxis, Invincible Sun: The Cult of Mithras, The Yezidis Angel or Devil Worshippers of the Near East?, Tantra: Fifth Veda or Anti-Veda?, Aesthetics of the Divine in Hinduism, Divine Mortality: Nataraja, Shankara & Higher Consciousness in the Imagery of Siva, Monks & Magic: The Use of Magic by the Sangha in Thailand, Does Practice Make One Perfected? The Role of gTum-mo in the Six Yogas of Naropa, Clarifying the Clear Light, Oneiromancy: Divination by Dreams, Of Wolves and Men: The Berserker and the Vratya, Ancient Goddess or Political Goddess?, Cuchulainn: The Wolfhound of Culann, Knowledge is Power: Rune Magic in Germanic Culture, The Black Sun: Dionysus in the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche & Greek Myth, Those Who Wander in the Night: Magoi Amongst the Hellenes, and Mayan Ceremonial Astrology.

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