Tantric Traditions — Manticore Press

Gods, Rituals, & Esoteric Teachings in the Kali Yuga Gwendolyn Taunton January, 2018 Tantra. The word conjures forth a million images – including sex, transgressive practices, and the occult. But how accurate are these portrayals, and how do they compare to actual Tantric practices in India? To the casual observer, Tantra appears to partake of […]

via Tantric Traditions — Manticore Press


  1. It’s just too bad the shipping is so high: it almost doubles the price of acquiring the book. It would be reasonable to order it along with one or two other books. Which other books currently available over there would you recommend this to go with?

    1. It’s actually back in stock at Amazon again, if you want to avoid the horrendous price of shipping items from Australia. Unfortunately it costs $45 to post internationally here, unless one opts for 90 day ‘sea mail’ which doesn’t come with tracking. That’s one of the problems with living in the Southern hemisphere – we are quite far away from everywhere else!

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